The Virtual Library of Linguistic Sciences in Brazil

The bvCLB is a virtual library offering texts fundamental to the study of language science history in Brazil, selected by a group of researchers specialized in the subject.
Initially, the library presents Portuguese grammar and dictionaries, the majority from the second half of the XIX century and the early XX century, in addition to other texts on the questions of the national language in Brazil during this period, which corresponds to the Brazilian grammatization of Portuguese.

The bvCLB is the result of a Project in comparative history of sciences developed in the Laboratory of Urban Studies - LABEURB / Nudecri, at Unicamp, in conjunction with researchers from the Institute of Linguistics and Sciences of Language at the University of Lausanne - ILCL/UNIL, Switzerland, and with the collaboration of a group from the Institute of Language Studies - IEL, at Unicamp. - Programa História das Idéias Lingüísticas no Brasil – HIL

Using a system of multi-language searches, the bvCLB will be articulated to an electronic page elaborated by the ILCL/UNIL group, with reference texts for the Slavic language.

Access to the bvCLB is open and free, requiring only registration.


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