Consultations can be made through the search system of the bvCLB’s collection and the “mirrored” page of the University of Lausanne or through navigation in the interior of a specific work, in the two versions: .jpeg (image) and .pdf (text).

When navigating through a specific work in the .jpeg version, it is possible to “leaf through” the book, page by page, with the help of the buttons or go to a specific page, typing the page number in the corresponding window. Zoom recourses will help adjust the image according to the user’s preferences.

Using the .pdf version of the works, it is possible to perform the download for consultation off-line. In this case, the user will not have the recourses of articulated and multi-language search of the bvCLB’s collection or of the UNIL/ILCL, and will be limited to the recourses of the Adobe Acrobat Reader Program for searches in a specific work.


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