The Search System

Searches in the bvCLB can be made by using the following criteria: language, type of work (grammar, dictionary,...), author, title, edition, year of publication, keyword, or word / expression in the complete text.

Searches can be simple or advanced. In the simple search, only one of the items above can be selected; in the advanced search, all of the criterions can be combined.

A multi-language search can be made in relation to the keywords. The user can, for example, look for the term “grammar” in Portuguese, Russian (“Грамматика”), French (“grammaire”) or English (“grammar”), to find all of the works that were indexed according to the keyword, independent of the original language in which they were written.

Searches in the complete texts of the works will follow a system of relevance by levels, which will indicate the order in which the results of the search will be posted:
1º) title of the work,
2º) title of the chapters,
3º) title of the sub-chapter (if any),
4º) body of the texts.
For example, in the search for the term “orthography”, the works that have this word in the title will be posted first, followed by those in which the word appears in the title of chapters, sub-chapters and, finally, in the body of the text.

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